The Free Appointment Scheduling App for iPhone

If you are looking for a free and easy way to schedule appointments with your clients using your iPhone, you should check out Myslots Scheduling App. Myslots is a powerful and versatile app that lets you create a personalized booking page, share it with your clients, and accept online payments.

You can also manage your calendar, send reminders, and generate reports from your iPhone

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The Advantage of iPhone Booking App

Arranging meetings can be a challenge. You have to communicate with your clients to find a time that suits both of you. This can be tedious and annoying.

Myslots makes arranging meetings easy. With Myslots, you can see your availability in real-time and share it with your clients. Your clients can then pick a time that works for them, and the meeting is automatically added to your calendar. Say hello to the convenience of arranging meetings!

Appointment and Calendar Functions for iPhone

Interact with your clients and run your business anytime and anywhere using your iPhone

Myslots application for health industry

Customized Booking Page

You can personalize your booking page with your own style and logo

Myslots application for beauty industry

Alerts and Reminders

Help you stay on top of your meetings, and notify your clients about their bookings

Myslots application for fitness industry

Appointment Online Payments

Accept payments through the app, making it convenient for your clients to pay for their appointments

Myslots application for services based industry

Reports and Graphs

Generate reports and graphs to help you evaluate your business and make smart decisions

Business Owners Adore Our App

Every business owner for a service based business who have tried Myslots Scheduling App, instantly adore it and keep using it every hour of the day, it makes their live more easy. Thanks to the automation for the meeting scheduling and online booking engine.

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