The Free Appointment Scheduling App for Android

Myslots Scheduling App is a free appointment scheduling app for Android that makes it easy for you to schedule appointments with your clients online

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The Benefit of Android Appointment App


Scheduling appointments can be a hassle. You have to call back and forth with your clients to find a time that works for both of you. This can be time-consuming and frustrating.


Myslots makes scheduling appointments easy. With Myslots, you can see your availability in real-time and share it with your clients. Your clients can then choose a time that works for them, and the appointment is automatically added to your calendar. Say goodbye to the hassle of scheduling appointments!

Booking and Scheduling Features for Android

Connect with your customers and manage your business anytime and anywhere using your mobile

Myslots application for health industry

Branded Booking Page

You can customize your booking page with your own branding and logo

Myslots application for beauty industry

Reminders and Notifications

Help you keep track of your appointments, and remind your clients about their bookings

Myslots application for fitness industry

Appointment Online Payments

Accept payments through the app, making it easy for your clients to pay for their appointments

Myslots application for services based industry

Reports and Charts

Generate reports and charts to help you analyze your business and make informed decisions

Business Owners Loves Our Application

Every business owner for a service based business who have tried Myslots Scheduling Application, instantly love it and keep using it every hour of the day, it makes their live more easy. Thanks for the automation for the appointment scheduling and online booking engine.

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