Scheduling App for Personal Trainer

Allow your clients to find and book your fitness services online using your booking page, Scheduling application, Facebook & Instagram, and Google though.

personal trainer scheduling system

Scheduling features

appointments calendar link

Booking Page

Auto generated page for you, Shows your availability to empower your clients to book online 24/7

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Instant Notifications

Get instant booking updates on your mobile while training in the gym, outdoor or in your client home

Myslots Booking engine

Auto Reminders

Reduce missed sessions by sending reminders to your clients automatically and focus more on cardio and body building

Myslots payment options

Online Payment

Get paid for your bookings online without any complex configurations directly into your wallet

Download Myslots Scheduling Application

For Personal Trainers and Live coaches. Allow online bookings for your training sessions and receive the payments instantly into your wallet, regardless any complex verification and configurations

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Myslots mobile booking application
Personal trainer using Myslots scheduling to organize his sessions booking

Happy clients means successful personal trainer

Let your client self-book the most convince time for their training session based on your availability.

Help your client reduce the missed sessions when having sessions booked in gym or in your place through the automated reminders.

Happy clients will let you show their feedbacks and other testimonials in your booking page, In order to engage more clients using the feedback feature.

Get the most of your day using the scheduling software

Reduce the time taken to schedule the training sessions for your clients, by giving Myslots the opportunity to automate the booking for you.

Slots scheduling is built to maximize the sessions, What means maximize your revenue. All in all thanks for the power full booking engine.

Reduce fake bookings and start receiving online payments instantly for session price or even a deposit in order to forget the cash handling.

Myslots bookings software increase your training sessions
personal trainer profit

Increase your profit and enhance your personal brand

Just focus on your clients satisfactions, training plans, push-ups, bench press, lat pulldown and let Myslots enhance your business profit and keep your brand shining.

Online payment is pre configured without extra fees or verifications with reduced payment processing fees optimized with the lowest as per your region and currency.

Check your business reports about your revenue, bookings, and client profiles any where. Leads to increase your profit and keep your loyal clients for ever.

Training sessions booking through social media

Add your booking page link to your instagram posts and link your instagram profile with your booking page.

Integrate the personal trainer scheduling software with Facebook to receive bookings directly from your page using the “Booking link”.

Add “Book Now” button to your instagram, facebook or twitter in addition to other social media applications.

training sessions booking through social media