Myslots is the ultimate scheduling app for consultation businesses, customer support, remote therapy, and more. It automates the appointment booking process, syncs with your calendar, and sends notifications and reminders to you and your clients.

How Myslots Simplified the Online Appointments Scheduling Process!

With Myslots, you can say goodbye to the scheduling hassle and start getting your appointments booked without back-and-forth communications. Whether you need the booking for consultations, support calls, therapy sessions, or any other type of online meeting, Myslots has you covered. Here’s how Myslots can help you:

A mobile screen contain the Myslots app opened

Easy Account Setup

Set up your account in minutes and define your services and availability

Personalized Booking Page

Create a personalized booking page that showcases your brand and your offer

Get Appointments Booked

Share your booking link with your clients, in your social media profiles or embed it on your website

Accept Online Payments

Get payed for your online services and time slots using the online payment integration

Automate your Schedule

Let your clients choose a time slot that suits them from your available time slots for the meeting

Create Meeting Links

Automatically create and update meeting links on your calendar and your clients as well

Automated Reminders

Send confirmation emails and reminders to you and your client containing the meeting link

How Myslots is different from Calendly and other scheduling apps?

Calendly is a popular scheduling app that lets you share your availability and let your clients book appointments with you. However, it has some limitations that Myslots can overcome. Here are some of the key differences between Myslots and Calendly:

– Myslots is more affordable than Calendly. Calendly starts from $10 per user per month for its basic plan, while Myslots offers a free plan for up to 2 users, and a premium plan for only $22 per month for unlimited users.

– Myslots free plan offers more benefits than the free plan that Calendly offers where you can add up to 5 event types in Myslots but only 1 in Calendly and also limit the number of calendars.

– Myslots is more customizable than Calendly. Calendly only allows you to remove its branding and customize your booking page at higher tiers, while Myslots lets you do that at any plan. You can also add your custom content, add logos, set your contact information, and get a customer portal.

For more information about the differences, check this comparison table or check their website that is mentioned above.

Myslots App
Event Types in Free plan
Unlimited meetings
Customizable booking page and widget
Fully Customized
Brand Removal Only
Integrations in free plan
Multiple calendars in free plan
2 Users
Receive online payments
Reporting and analytics
Customer support

As you can see, Myslots is a better choice than other software for your online meeting scheduling needs. It offers more features, flexibility, and more value for your money. Try it for free today and see the difference for yourself!

If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to contact our support team via online chat, WhatsApp, or email. We are always happy to help!